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Rotary ultrasonic vibrating sieve for fine powder

  • Model:HY-600/800/1000/1200
  • Material:Carbon steel/stainless steel
  • Application:For screening fine powder
  • Layer/Deck:1,2
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Ultrasonic vibrating sieve is a screen machine combine the common vibrating screens and ultrasound technology. It makes processed material do traditional three dimensional vibrations,  meanwhile, it adds another vibration (mechanical waves) of low-amplitude and high-vibration frequency to achieve good screening result for sieving super-fine processed materials. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgy, chemical industry, food and other industries. It has high screening precision, and it is a big technological breakthrough in screening filed to solve screening problems of reunion, strong adsorption, electrostatic.

Working  principle

The ultrasonic generator transfer the single phase AC power to high frequency AC of 37KHz, then it is transmitted by connecting cable to transducer to put it into mechanical vibration of 37KHz, which is uniformly transferred to the screen surface via ultrasonic screen frame, that make the processed materials do three dimensional vibration, at the same time add another vibration of high frequency and small amplitude, all this make the processed material always keep suspended state, and effectively inhibit the phenomenon of adhesion and plugging.

Ultrasonic vibrating sieve is mainly composed of two parts: three dimensional vibration sieve and ultrasonic system. The ultrasonic system includes ultrasonic generator, high-frequency connecting cable, transducer, ultrasonic screen frame and resonant ring. The transducer receives high frequency vibrations produced by generator and applies to sieve frame.


Totally enclosed integrated-circuit's plates, built-in microcomputer control chip, full automatic digital frequency tracking.
• High precision, large output. Compared with the ordinary three dimensional vibrating screen, the accuracy can be increased by 1% -70%, the processing capacity can be increased 1-10 time.
• A real way to resolve the problems of static, reunion, strong adsorption, light specific gravity etc.
• Perfect sieving of size 10mesh ~ 635mesh.
• No screen blinding and clogging.
• Bonding type screen design, no corner collect materials.
• Suitable for super-fine screening. 
• Fine sieving of sticky and difficult powders
• Rugged construction.


Alloy powder, aluminum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten power, nickel powder, cobalt powder, coating powder, quartz powder, magnetic powder, silicon powder, malt powder, coffee powder, resin powder, mica powder.

Model Power(kw) Effective Diameter Dimensions(mm) Layer/ Deck
HY -600 0.25 560 mm 800x800x750 1
800x800x890 2
HY -800 0.55 760 mm 900x900x750 1
900x900x890 2
HY -1000 1.5 930 mm 1160x1160x810 1
1160x1160x950 2
HY -1200 1.75 1130 mm 1360x1360x885 1
1360x1360x1050 2
HY-1500 2.2 1430 mm 1850x1850x990 1
1850x1850x1185 2
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