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Round Tumbler Sieve Machine

  • Model:HY-YBS
  • Diameter:600/1000/1200/1600/2000/2400/2600mm
  • Structure:Fully sealed
  • Layers:at most 5 layers
  • Function:Screening, separating, classifying
  • Power:0.25/1.5/2.2/(2.2/4)/5.5 KW
  • screening area:0.29/0.71/1.11/1.83/2.62/3.63/5.31 m2
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Tumbler sieve machine is an efficient sieving machine which is designed to meet the large output. It is similar to hand screening.


1. Grading
Each model of 
tumbler sieve can precisely and continuously screen and separate processing material, the multi—layer type tumble screen can screen and separate five groups of different particles at same time. It is suitable for dry materials.
2. Remove the impurity
tumbler sieve can quickly separate a few oversize or undersized particles from a quantity of materials.


1.Screening efficiency up to 99%
2.No particle destruction in sensitive products
3.High screening quality results in higher revenues for graded products
4.Higher specific screen load as compared to vibration systems
5.Stable screen motion even under full load
6.Tumbling movement indefinitely adjustable, resulting in precise control of residence time on the screen, capacity and screening efficiency can be coordinated and optimized.


Chemical industry: resin, pigment, industrial medicine, cosmetic, coatings.
Food industry: sugar powder, starch, salt, rice noodles, milk powder, soybean milk, egg powder, sauce, syrup.
Environment: disposed oil, disposed water, disposed dye waste water, assistant detergent, active carbon.
Coatings: Powder coatings, pigment paints, etc.
Metals: Metal powders, zinc powder, copper powder,coal powder,alloys, etc.

Model Availability of screening area (m*m) Screen slope (angel) Grain size (mm) Frequency(r/min) Double amplitude(mm) Power(kw) Process capacity(t/h)
HY600 0.292 0-10 ≤100 750 960 1500 5-8 0.25 6-10
HY1000 0.785 5-8 1.5 8-15
HY1200 1.13 5-8 2.2 15-30
HY1600 1.83 5-8 2.2 25-50
HY2000 2.63 5-8 4.0 30-60
HY2600 5.31 5-8 5.5 45-60
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