Features of our Z type bucket elevator


Our Z type bucket elevator has advantages of environmental protection, zero damage to material, various models, multiple outlets, gently feeding, customization and compact structure.

1. Good sealing, during operation, no leakage and no dust flying, then no pollution to environment.

2. The whole process from feeding and conveying to discharging, no damage to the materials, reducing the scrap rate.

3. The elevator is commonly configured to form a C, Z, or ZC shape but can be customized to suit plant layout and application requirement.  

4. Single or multiple outlets, automatically discharging, used to feed for multiple silos in one row sometimes.

5. The incoming product is fed to the bucket elevator continuously and very gently by means of a vibratory feeder.

6. It can be designed according to the customer's plant layout, the horizontal length can range from 1.2 meters to 30 meters, the vertical height from 1.5 meters to 30 meters, and for over 30 meters, our elevators can be connected in parallel to suit plant layout and application requirement.

7. Compact structure and small footprint.

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