How to change the vibrating motor angle ?


Sometimes customers need to change the running trajectory of material on screen, customers could adjust the unbalanced hammer angle at the upper and bottom of the motor to improve screening through rate of material, production and screening efficiency. But how to adjust the specific method is more concerned about the customer. Our company consult our workshop director on this issue, sort out the following noticed things:


1. First of all, due to different screening purpose, the motor angle is not the same. At normal situation, before the rotary vibrating screen leave the factory, the technical staff of our workshop have adjusted the angle of motor in according with the characteristics of material and yield provided by customers .


2. In the screening process, if there are a lot of upper material mixed with fine powder, prove that the motor angle is too small, which needs to increase the angle. Specific methods: first remove all the body parts of the device above the vibrating body, then you can see the vibration motor of the device, standing face to the motor , loosening the motor screw, the left hand holding the upper heavy hammer, right hand holding the bottom heavy hammer, the upper heavy hammer in the left and the bottom heavy hammer in the right, the angle between the upper and lower hammers is the angle of the motor, increase the angle of motor, could improve screening accuracy, mainly used in screening fine powder.


3.When the proportion of material and particle size is big, to improve screening capacity, it needed to reduce appropriately the angle of motor. (the specific method is the same as above).

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