Vertical discharge vibrating sifter for flour screening


 The vertical discharge vibrating sifter is a good helper for flour and bulk material. It’s designed by single deck with two motor drives design, due to the outlet is different from general vibrating sifter, which designed on unit bottom, that add the output and easy to connect with the production line.

Model details on picture

1. Model diameter: 1000mm

2. Motor power: 0.25kw x 2 sets

3. Base support: support height can be customized


Vertical discharge vibrating sifter is one of the machinery equipment aims to improve the screening efficiency by applying the rotary and vibration operational mode to screen the materials into different granularity products according to the customer’s requirement.

The unit mostly applied in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, metallurgy, mining industry, food processing, waste treatment etc., this product also acts as a precise powder sieve to filter medium particles such as sand, powder and mucilage.

It creates low noise operation, high efficiency, convenient mode of operation and maintenance (3-5 minutes to replace the screen), stable running-process, self-cleaning system, strong adaptation and large material capacity in one operational processing.


For choose the right model and please let us know the following questions:

1. Specific name of your screening material?

2. Density of your screening material?

3. Sieve mesh size you asked?

4. Capacity per hour you need?

5. Proportion for the screening material?


Hengyu have more than 13 years experience for vibrating sifter machine, also have a good selling in foreign market. We can guarantee the quality and delivery time for all customers.

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