Ultrasound cleaning system matched with vibrating screen


 The high-frequency electrical vibrating force generated by the ultrasound control instrument is converted into longitudinal vibrating wave, which is transmitted to the screen surface, so material on the screen with a low-frequency three-dimensional vibration, and at the same time with the ultrasound vibration, not only to preventing material from blocking the screen apertures, but also to improving the production and quality.

Technical data:

Ultrasound controller (Electro-ultrasound products)

Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50 ~ 60Hz

Whole machine current: ≤ 1A

High-frequency current: ≤ 0.8A

Operating frequency: 38KHz

Mode: continuous 5 ways.

The maximum ambient temperature: 0 ~ 45 degrees.

Connection: Plug type, easy to plug, easy to replace.

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