The screw conveyor machine for bulk material conveying to South africa



Our screw conveyor just be export to south africa in March 7th, 2018, which details as follows:

Model: LS-129

Conveyor diameter: 129mm

Converying distance:3meters

Lifting height: 2meters

Unit material: stainless steel

Hopper size: can be customized

Client aims: conveying the wheat to the silo



Screw conveyor is one kind of conveying equipment, it’s main function is to transfer bulk materials from one process to another. While it is not applicable for materials with high viscosity and easy to be curdled.

The unit is easy to contact the different machine, widely used in production line. It’s applies to the departments such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal carbon, food and other industries.



1. What’s the material of the screw conveyor?

 AISI304 and carbon steel

2. Did you have the 0 angle screw conveyor?

The unit can be designed as horizontal, inclined and verticle type.

Our engineeer can designed the right type to client, according the requirement from client.

3. Screw conveyor shape?

It has the U shape and tube one

4. Size of the hopper ?

Hopper in general is 600x600mm, which can be customized as your requirement.

5. Is the machine can be movable?

The unit can be install with the wheel, which more convenient for customers to operation






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