Which factors can affect Direct Discharge Vibrating Sifter?


 Direct Discharge Vibrating Sifter is a bigwig and fully integrated player in fine screening industry.Normally, direct discharge vibrating sifter is a prior choice to screen various materials,except for the material of Viscous, electrostatic strong, and micro powders. Direct discharge screen machine is used by many industries as universal equipment mainly because it’s economical, mature technology.huge capacity,compact structure.However, in some case,the production efficiency of machine is affected due to improper operation.Now let me tell you Which factors can affect Direct Discharge Vibrating Sifter.

1.wrong model selection. We should choose the model of a machine according to the size of power and actual capacity.
2.The feeding material thickness is too big. This is the result of nonuniform feeding, so we can install a mechanical feeding system at the feed port of the machine.
3. screen is loose: After working for a long time, the screen fixed on the screen will loose ,as gravity of material result in extension of tensile strength of screen,as the result production capacity will decrease. So, we have to check the screen regularly.
4.adjust eccentric block : After working for a long time, the angle of eccentric block changes, we should use special tools to adjust the angle to strengthen the force.

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