Circular vibrating separator for slurry


The Indonesia customer ordered 20 sets slurry vibrating separators. The customer use the vibrating separators for sieving slurry in ceramic industry. 4 sets 1000mm diameter vibrating separator with 500mesh screen, 4 sets 1200mm vibrating separator with 400mesh screen, 4 sets 1500mm vibrating separator with 250 mesh and 4 sets 1800mm vibrating separator with 100mesh screen. Considering the characteristic of slurry, we use the Z type screen frame for our customer which is especially designed for liquid sieving. The weight of Z type screen frame is much lighter than normal screen frame and easier to replace the screen.

As we all know, the screen is wearing parts for vibrating separator. The material of screen we used is stainless steel 304 to keep a long using time. On the other hand, we recommend our customer to purchase some wearing parts such as screen, gasket and spring together with vibrating separator. Finally customer ordered the wearing parts together with vibrating separator.


We arranged the production for customer once we get the first payment from customer. During the production, we sent the latest progress information to our customer. Customer was satisfied with the finished vibrating separator.


If you need the vibrating separator, just feel free to tell us your detailed requirement information. Our engineers will select suitable model for you according to your information.

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