Introduction For Our New Products: Bucket Elevator



One of the most efficient ways to elevate bulk materials vertically is with a bucket elevator.A Bucket Elevator consists of a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain with pulleys or sprockets located at the top and bottom of the unit. The buckets are located in a casing or housing to contain the material. Bulk materials are loaded into each bucket as the bucket moves past an inlet point. KWS designs and manufactures a wide variety of bucket elevators based on the characteristics of the bulk material and the process requirements.

Advantages of Using Bucket Elevators

1.Designed to handle a wide variety of bulk materials
2.from average to very free-flowing
3.Many different bucket and casing sizes available for capacities up to 15,000 cubic feet per hour
4.Completely enclosed for dust and weather-tight operation
5.Inlet section can be control fed or flood loaded with bulk materials

Hengyu designs and manufactures Bucket Elevators to meet the needs of many industries, such as Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, Wood Products and Wastewater Treatment.

Available Features / Options
1. Custom engineered for your specific application
2. Wide range of construction materials
- carbon steel, stainless steel and abrasion-resistant alloys
3. Belt and chain type elevators available to meet your specific requirements
4. Screw-type or internal gravity take-ups available

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