• 2019/10 16
    Which factors can affect Direct Discharge Vibrating Sifter?

    Direct Discharge Vibrating Sifter is a bigwig and fully integrated player in fine screening industry.Normally, direct discharge vibrating sifter is a prior choice to screen various materials.

  • 2019/10 10
    How to take measures to prevent water into Direct Discharge Vibrating Sifter

    As we all know,all kinds of vibrating and screening machines are not waterproof, if the water flow in machines or the whole machines are always wet, as a consequent the vibrating motor will break down, especially when we reuse the vibrating and screening

  • 2019/10 09
    Model-200 Test Sieve Shaker Operation Instruction

    Prior to operate the laboratory test sieve shaker , please make sure all the components are fastened, no broken on the sieves, no damage on the machine, electrical cables are connected properly.

  • 2018/08 16
    Features of our Z type bucket elevator

    Our Z type bucket elevator has advantages of environmental protection, zero damage to material, various models, multiple outlets, gently feeding, customization and compact structure.

  • 2018/07 15
    Ultrasound cleaning system matched with vibrating screen

    The ultrasound cleaning system is made up of controller, cable, connector, converter and ultrasound screen structure, added on the standard vibrating screen machine, with the Three-D movement of machine, and the high-frequency ultrasound on the screen sur

  • 2018/06 25
    ZT-5L Bucket Elevator with two outlet

    Last week our ZT-5L Bucket Elevator has been finished at 30th July, now was in the testing for the model. The unit will be shipment to South Africa, customers use the machine for rubber particle size transport. The unit with two outlets and convenient for

  • 2018/06 01
    How to change the vibrating motor angle ?

    The method to change the vibrating screen motor to meet different screening purpose.

  • 2018/05 16
    Circular vibrating separator for slurry

    Indonesia customer ordered 20 sets circular vibrating separator for slurry

  • 2018/03 30
    Vertical discharge vibrating sifter for flour screening

    The vertical discharge vibrating sifter is a good helper for flour and bulk material. It’s designed by single deck with two motor drives design.

  • 2018/03 23
    600mm vibrating sieve for aluminum powder

    600mm diameter vibrating sieve used for aluminum powder sieving was finished production and transported to Slovakia. The order was the first cooperation with Slovakia customer , after several rounds of technical communication and commercial negotiations,

  • 2018/03 15
    Principle and maintenance strategy of horizontal vibrating motor

    The excitation force of vibration motor can be stepless regulated, easy to use, can be applied to general vibration machinery, such as: Vibration crusher, vibrating sieving machine

  • 2018/03 09
    The screw conveyor machine for bulk material conveying to South africa

    Screw conveyor is one kind of conveying equipment, it’s main function is to transfer bulk materials from one process to another. While it is not applicable for materials with high viscosity and easy to be curdled.

  • 2016/03 09
    Yashili Milk Powder

    Our HY-1000 Rotary vibrating sieve for Yashili milk powder.

  • 2015/06 09
    Linear vibrating sieve for sand sieving

    Linear vibrating sieve for sand sieving Machine on the picture is our 1530-3P linear vibrating sieve, which export to Malaysia on May 9th 2015. The linear vibrating sieves are usd for sand making line and the capacity is 10tons per hour. We design and pr

  • 2015/06 01
    Hengyu Patent Products: “BADAO” Series Vibrating Screen

    This machine is our patent product delveloped aim at ceramic industry, patent No.ZL 2008 2 0070655.6, is improved on the basis of Italy “Cuccolini”, mainly used for filtering ceramic slurry, at present in a number of well-known domestic enterprises for us

  • 2014/12 01
    Introduction For Our New Products: Bucket Elevator

    One of the most efficient ways to elevate bulk materials vertically is with a bucket elevator.A Bucket Elevator consists of a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain with pulleys or sprockets located at the top and bottom of the unit.