Client in Sri Lanka: What is the micron and mesh size? I don’t know your meaning?


Client in Sri Lanka: What is the micron and mesh size? I don’t know your meaning?

Answers: let’s explain you as follows:
What’s a micron? A micron is another measurement we use for measuring particle size. A micron is one-millionth of a meter or one twenty-five thousandth of an inch.

What does mesh size mean? Figuring out mesh size is simple. All you do is count the number of opening in one inch of screen (in the United States, anyway.) The number of openings is the mesh size. So a 4 mesh screen means there are flour little squares across one linear inch of screen. A 100 mesh screen has 100 openings, and so on. Note: therefore that as the number describing the mesh size increases, the size of the particles decreases. Higher numbers=finer powder. Mesh size is not a precise measurement of particle size. Screens can be made with different thicknesses of wire. The thicker the wires, the smaller then particle passing through that screen, and vice versa.

How fine do screens get? That depends on the wire thickness. But the supplier of our screens does not offer any screens finer than 500 mesh. If you think about it, the finer the weave, the closer the wires get together, eventually leaving no space between them at all. So beyond 325-400 mesh, we usually describe particle size in “microns”.

Parts of Particle Size Conversion Table

Sieve Designation Nominal Sieve Opening
Standard Mesh inches mm Microns
4.00 mm No. 5 0.157 4.00 4000
3.36 mm No. 6 0.132 3.36 3360
2.83 mm No. 7 0.111 2.83 2830
2.38 mm No. 8 0.0937 2.38 2380
2.00 mm No. 10 0.0787 2.00 2000
1.68 mm No. 12 0.0661 1.68 1680
1.41 mm No. 14 0.0555 1.41 1410
1.19 mm No. 16 0.0469 1.19 1190
1.00 mm No. 18 0.0394 1.00 1000
0.841 mm No. 20 0.0331 0.841 841
0.707 mm No. 25 0.0278 0.707 707
0.595 mm No. 30 0.0234 0.595 595
0.500 mm No. 35 0.0197 0.500 500

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