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Horizontal Screw Conveyor

  • Model:LS
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Structure:Horizontal type
  • Working conditions:Reliable and continuous
  • Application:Stainless steel
  • Applicantion:Dry material of all industry
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Screw conveyor is a widely used conveying equipment. There are two kinds of screw conveyors divided from conveying direction, one is horizontal screw conveyor, and another is vertical screw conveyor. The conveyor is used for loose materials such as all kinds of powders, granules and small blocks. The screw conveyor is made of steel.

LS series screw conveyor is in accordance with the standard of JB/T7679-95<screw conveyor>, which is the replacement of GX series product. The original bearing mounted at head and tail of GX conveyor moves to the outside of the shell. The hanging bearing is a sliding bearing with dust proof sealing device and the bearing bush is generally used in the powder metallurgy, if it is used for transport cement, it should uses felt bush. Hanging shaft and the screw shaft is connected with the slider and it’s no need to move the drive when removing the screw, and also no need to move the screw when removing the hanging bearing. When we lubricate the hanging bearing we don’t need to dismantle the cover plate. The machine has high reliability,long life,high adaptability, easy installation and maintenance.

Horizontal screw conveyor is the most widely used type of conveyor. It can convey bulk materials from one part of a process to another. Horizontal screw conveyor is available in a wide range of sizes, lengths, configurations and materials of construction.

Working principle

Tubular screw conveyor is generally used for inclined angle conveying, which uses a ratating screw to transport the material along the fixed tube. The continuously rotating of screw blades pushes the material falling on their surface to make a linear motion.



•  High reliability, low maintenance.
•  Simple structure, small occupied space. 
•  Multiple feeding port and discharging port available.
•  Easy to form the production line, can be connected with packaging equipment, storage equipment, mixing equipment or screening equipment.
•  Customized with hopper or running wheels and others. 
•  Reliable sealing. 
•  Economical to purchase, install and operate.



Selection guide

1. What is the conveying material and its physical characteristics? such as bulk density, feeding size, temperature, mositure content etc.
2. What is the processing capacity per hour?
3. What is the inclination angle needed?
4. What is the conveying length or tell us the distance from inlet to outlet?


Model Spiral diameter(mm) Pitch(mm) Spiral speed(r/min) MAX transport capacity(m3/h) Motor power(kw) Admission biggest gradient(°)
LS100 100 100 140 2.2 2.2---18.5 ≤ 60.
LS125 125 125 125 4.0
LS160 160 160 112 8
LS200 200 200 100 11
LS250 250 250 90 22
LS315 315 315 80 34
LS400 400 355 71 64
LS500 500 400 63 95
LS630 630 450 50 150
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