The Z type bucket elevator machine for Malaysia client has been complete installation



The Z type bucket elevator machine for Malaysia client has been complete installation.


In Jan. 2018, the client from Malaysia order one set Z type bucket elevator machine.

Their request as follow:

Lifting material: wheat germ

Lifting height: 3.5m

Capacity: 6m³


The machine finished on Jan. 19 and sent to Penang port. Feb. 2, the client began to install and debug the machine. This Z bucket elevator machine is full AISI 304 material, buckets material is food grade ABS. The machine case connects by the 40*40*4 flange. It will be more strong and stable.

Hengyu Z type bucket elevator machine is the latest design. With the strong structure, effectively preventing buckets stuck.


Continuous bucket elevators are used to handle friable, fragile materials because they minimize product damage or are used to handle light fluffy materials.

Full AISI 304 buckets could be worked in 120.



1.    What’s the material of the machine case?

AISI 304, and carbon steel

2.    What’s the material of the buckets?

ABS, AISI 304, or carbon steel

3.    How about the capacity of the bucket elevator machine?

At present, we have the 1.8L and 5L buckets. The total capacity depends on your material, the bulk density, capacity rate etc.

If you could provide your lifting material details, our engineer could provide the best project for you.

4.    Are bucket conveyors suitable for outdoor applications?

Bucket elevators are suitable for use outdoors. Typically, bucket conveyors for outdoor applications use stainless steel fasteners to prevent corrosion and rusting, and are often fully enclosed to protect the internal components.

5.    Can a bucket conveyor be stopped and started when it is fully loaded with material?

Yes. Most bucket conveyors can be stopped and started when fully loaded with material. However, anti-rollback devices are required as a safety feature to prevent full buckets from travelling backwards when the conveyor is stopped.

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